Back to School Classroom Management Review Game


As you review rules, procedures, and expectations, this Back-to-School Trashketball Game engages students and lays the foundation for a positive classroom culture throughout the year. Updated version now has a link to a Google Slides Presentation.



This activity encourages students to carefully read a syllabus, school policy manual, or code of conduct as they respond to game questions. And to meet your teaching needs, this PowerPoint allows you to edit the questions and individualize the game for your classroom.

Research shows that students often learn best when they can move, and this activity motivates students further by tapping into their love of sports. Using heterogeneous groups to play a game with friendly competition is an excellent way to meet the needs of all of your students and reward them for their success.

Useful in many classes (social studies, science, math, art, gym, etc.), the game can be played in both middle school and high school.


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