Would you like to “see” how trashketball could work at home or in your classroom?  Watch this video for an explanation.  You can also read the blog post on How to Play Trashketball.

Virtual Trashketball

Want to play trashketball with your students online?  Now, there are PowerPoints with animated trashketball games that can be played by individual students or with the class through an online educational platform.  Watch the preview video to learn more.

Paired Texts

Help your students read closely with “think alouds” that show them annotation strategies.  All of my paired texts lessons (print and digital) have examples for teachers to use with students.  You can watch this video showing a “think aloud” from my  Digital Paired Text with “The Road Not Taken” and “Dream Deferred”

American Literature

As a teacher of American Literature for 15+ years, I have created dynamic lessons to enhance your teaching of American Literature.  Engage students with texts by American authors in lessons that use real-world learning connections and critical thinking. Diverse American authors in these lessons include Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, Frederick Douglass, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, Sandra Cisneros, Kate Chopin, and many more.  I’ve also created a thematic American Literature curriculum with a variety of activities that will provide over 25 weeks of instructional material.

How to Do a Descriptive Writing Walk

Are your students restless and in need of movement?  Use place-based writing to make learning engaging and to foster students’ connections to their environment.  Grab this free activity to make sensory writing easy-to-implement in your classes.