Digital Paired Texts – Ain’t I a Woman? & Phenomenal Woman – Distance Learning


Here is a digital writing task resource for Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Much like my popular printed lesson, this activity guides students through close readings of the speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth and the poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou and then facilitates their understanding of the speakers’ attitudes and central themes as they construct connections between the texts. These classic texts help meet expectations of Common Core Standards and provide practice with a prose constructed response.



Activity handouts focus on before-, during-, and post-reading strategies. Furthermore, a slide with model annotations helps to scaffold instruction. After reading, students write an essay that imitates the style of a standardized assessment. Whether or not your students will face state assessments, this lesson provides instruction for any students needing practice with close reading and essay writing. This lesson also incorporates all strands of the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) Standards.

This resource includes a 16-page PDF file with the following:
-digital instructions for implementing with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
-explicit lesson plan with identified Common Core ELA Anchor Standards
-answer key (includes detailed responses for all activities and a sample essay, making this a valuable emergency substitute lesson plan)

In the PDF there is a link to 13 Google slides with the following:
-anticipation guide
-building background handouts
-think-aloud sample annotation
-text of the speech (which is in the public domain)
-links to both audio & video versions of each text
-activity for analysis of allusions
-L.I.S.T. poetry graphic organizer
-Venn diagram
-analytical essay prompt with rubric

In one of the Google Slides, there is also a link to an instructional video on YouTube which includes a think-aloud as the teacher models her annotation process.

Please note that to respect copyright, the text for the poem “Phenomenal Woman” is not included. However, a link to an online version of the poem is provided in the lesson.

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